What have I been doing?

I will tell you in 4 pictures. :)

I learned a new origami model! Yay! The tutorial is here:

I took a picture of a beautiful sunset whilst playing four-square with my friend Jake. :D

I’m planning to work on a blog post about Lisey’s clan of peeps.

And I’ve been playing a LOT of Ocarina. Why am I so excited about this? I got to play in the band at our church! Double yay! It was nerve-wracking, but fun nonetheless.

Well, besides school, this is about all I’ve been doing. :P I really aspire to manage my time better, so I can get more pictures up for you guys!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Molly says

    Can you tell us more about the ocarina? Does it play all the notes? (I’m not sure why I think it might not – maybe because it doesn’t have that many keys/holes?) What key does it play in? Is anybody teaching you? Is it treble clef or bass clef? (I’m guessing treble.) What “family” is it in – flute? It’s a woodwind, but it doesn’t have a reed. More info, please! :-)

    • Joshua says

      Hi! Thanks for asking! My ocarina ( a single chambered one) plays from a4 to f6. It is an alto c, and it is considered a wind instrument. I taught myself, and that was easy considering I have been playing piano for 7 years. It is a very fun instrument to play. I hope this answered all of your questions. :)

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