The Sunset That Just Got Better

We were at a local park, and there was quite a beautiful sunset. In fact, it just got more and more beautiful as we watched it.

Going to this park was quite a great way to spend a Sunday. I could definitely think of worse ways to spend one. ;)


  1. Libby says

    Beautiful photos and I love how you put together the collage. This weekend was like a last dose of summer – so glad you got to the water to enjoy it.

  2. Rebecca P says

    Gorgeous photos! I don’t think I will ever stop loving watching gorgeous sunsets! They are definitely one of God’s amazing gifts to us!

  3. Sheila Payne says

    OH JOSHUA!!!! You captured the sunset perfectly!!!! I REALLY love the sunsets. I can’t see them from where I live (too many trees) so I really appreciate them when I do get to see one. Great Job Young MAN.

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