1. Auntie Donna says

    Wow Joshua, what a great shot! I had no idea there were pink lizards… is this a chameleon of some sort? I tried searching the internet, and your photo seems to be unique. I don’t see a single one of this color.

    • Joshua says

      This is my Gargoyle Gecko, Bob. I don’t know if the lighting made him look pink, but normally he doesn’t look this pink. :P His species has phases throughout the day where they change their colors. He was lighter in this picture. Later at night, he turns a chocolate brown color with bright orange stripes down his back.

  2. Karin in Canada says

    Another magnificent photo, Joshua! It stays sharp even after ‘zooming in’ several times.
    The pattern in the eyes is just incredible. My first thought when I saw your picture was “DINOSAUR”! :) Is that a macro setting on your camera, or did you do it with software?

    • Joshua says

      I just got up really close to the gecko, set my camera to macro, set a 2 second timer, and then snapped a photo.
      I used editing software afterwards to tweak the lighting a bit.

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