1. says

    I love geckos! We had a leopard gecko when I was growing up, and my sister and I loved to watch it shed its skin. Ours was named Uncle Fester (you know, from the Addams Family?), but I think I like the name Waffles better. ;-)

  2. Joshua says

    Thanks a lot for the positive comment about the gecko. Some of the people I show him to are reptilephobes, and don’t like him. :( But I do like your name “Uncle Fester” for the gecko :)

  3. Raye says

    I have a niece that is 15 years old and between her and her mom they have 16 lizards, one frog, and now a snake! I, for one, have a fear of snakes for some reason so if I had an animal it would be a dog, but if reptiles are your thing – GO FOR IT! :-)

    By the way, I really like your pictures! Keep up the good work!

    • Joshua says

      I can certainly understand a fear of snakes for a number of reasons, especially the bites. I realize that working with them is going to result in COUNTLESS bites. But for some reason I just don’t find many snakes intimidating. (except for maybe venomous ones. heh-heh) Thanks for the encouraging words. (By the way, I think that your niece and her mom are rather brave to be owning so many herps. That’s really cool!

  4. Heidi says

    Beautiful photo! I love the perspective right down on the floor at Waffles’ level, and how the angle is a little crooked. Reminds me of how he might see the world. Keep it up!

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