“Das’ A Lotta Blue!”

If you haven’t guessed by now, blue is my favorite color. I have had quite a lot of photos where blue is the spotlight color. Is it not an awesome color? :D

I will leave you with a simple question. What is your favorite color? Why so?

Leave your answer in the comments below.

* The title comes from something I say quite a lot (although not on my blog). For example, if my my mom was making a large ammount of bread or something I might say, “Das’ a lotta bread!” :P

*Psst! One more P.S. If you want to exercise your brain, check out the YouTube Channel, Vsauce. He has a lot of things such as “How much does the internet weigh?” or “How hot can it get?” Check him out!


  1. jen says

    Your photos have been really interesting lately! It’s nice to see someone using a camera so creatively!

    My favorite color is green. I used to work at a flower shop and I was always amazed at how lime green offset every other color so beautifully. It goes with anything! In clothing and home decor, though, I like the more muted olive colors instead.

  2. Reese says

    That’s a really pretty picture! Have you thought about giving framed photos to your grandparents for Christmas? They’d be quite great hanging as art!

    My favorite color is yellow. My love for it dates back to first grade, when I discovered a Crayola yellow marker for the first time. And I’ve been hooked ever since! It’s the color of sunshine, highlighting, bananas, lemon chiffon cake, and more. I mean..who DOESN’T love that stuff? ;)

  3. Rebecca P says

    I’m a strange bird I guess. I don’t have a favorite color. I love bright colors like yellow, red, turquoise, pink, and orange.

    I’m catching up on yours and your mom’s blocs today. I’m really enjoying some of your recent photos!

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