This was my mom’s stuffed animal when she was a kid. The brand was “Kamar” so she called him Kamar. My Bestemor (Norwegian word for grandmother) brought it over for my mom. :)

Some Miscellany


I got a scooter! You may know that all of my sisters have scooters. I used to have to “beg” (that’s what they said. ;) ) for rides on their scooter, but I got a screaming deal on one for $4.00 at Goodwill. Opa!  My dad polished it up, helped me change the wheels, and tightened up some loose parts, and now it looks pretty good! :D

Lisey  (using some birthday money) bought herself a Squishable from a local toy store. She named him “Herbert” after Herbert Hoover (the president). She absolutely LOVES him. What is she doing in this picture with Herbert? Playing “Going Nuts” on my dad’s Kindle fire. ;)

I also got a new blog theme/about page! I hated the old duo, so my mom and I spiffed it up. SO much better. :D Check it out!