52 Project, Week 16 | Motion Portrait


While I do love shooting portraits, I generally prefer for my subjects to not be moving.  So, this was a challenge, and I got a lot of pictures of an empty diving board.  It’s hard to get the timing right!

motion shot


I started playing the piano again over the last semester by learning some easier Chopin pieces, and I have continued playing well throughout the summer. For this week, I wanted to capture the motion of my hands while playing the piano.


52 Project, Week One | Selfie

This year, my mom and I are doing a 52 project, inspired by the 52-week challenge at Dogwood Photography. We’re starting a little late, so we’re still on week one, even though it’s January 15th.

Better late than never.

We’ll both share our take on the current prompt/challenge, and odds are good that our interpretations are going to be pretty different, since our photography styles are kind of opposites.

This week’s assignment is a selfie, taken with the timer on the camera.

Kristen: Since I spend time most days correcting math, I thought a math-correcting selfie would be appropriate. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Selfies are, uh, not my strong suit.


Joshua: I like to spend a lot of time biking and roaming the woods, so I decided to go to a local park and snap a picture.


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