Holiday Origami

I found some shiny wrapping paper scraps (we don’t have shiny origami paper) and decided to take advantage of it, and fold, fold, fold! :D The cookies in the back of the origami are my mom’s pfeffernusse.

I apologize if the picture is blurry/grainy, but we haven’t had the best lighting around these parts lately. ;)

What have I been doing?

I will tell you in 4 pictures. :)

I learned a new origami model! Yay! The tutorial is here:

I took a picture of a beautiful sunset whilst playing four-square with my friend Jake. :D

I’m planning to work on a blog post about Lisey’s clan of peeps.

And I’ve been playing a LOT of Ocarina. Why am I so excited about this? I got to play in the band at our church! Double yay! It was nerve-wracking, but fun nonetheless.

Well, besides school, this is about all I’ve been doing. :P I really aspire to manage my time better, so I can get more pictures up for you guys!

Thanks for reading!


A Dragon Question

I folded 4 slightly different origami dragons, and I just can’t decide which design (the design of the model. Not the paper. :) ) is the best. What is your favorite design of the three?

I folded one out of my program for the orchestra, 2 out of a car ad, and one out of a Chinese restaurant menu. I personally like the pattern of the dragon in the middle of the first picture the best. But that’s just me. ;)

A Giant And His Counterparts

So this started as my idea to fold a lot of origami cranes (maybe 100-1000 and give them away) out of 3×3 inch paper, but then I thought, “Hey…how about I make the biggest and smallest crane I can possibly fold?”. So I decided to try it. In order below are the 3×3 inch paper cranes, a crane made out of a front page of newspaper, and a crane made out of 1×1 inch paper. I really under-estimated the size of 1×1 paper. It was quite a task to fold these, but I did it.

The big crane had a wingspan of about 2 feet, 3 inches, whereas the small crane has a wingspan of about 1/2 inch.

Anyhoo…I may post a tutorial for the crane in a blog post, so stay tuned.