52 Project, Week 18 | Texture


Soo, I definitely think Joshua’s picture has fulfilled this assignment better.  My peaches look rather untextured in comparison!



During a photo shoot at a local park with one of my friends, I found a lot of trees with shelf fungi. Only after taking pictures of the shelf fungi did I notice the bumpy texture on the underside, as well as the ridges on the top of the fungi.


52 Project, Week 17 | Urban Landscape


Landscape weeks are always a little bit hard for me, largely because they don’t contain people.  Or food.

(People and food are my thing.)

I also don’t tend to be a wide-shooting photographer either.  Details and closeups, I love you forever.

But this is why a 52 project is good kind of stretch for me.

urban landscape

(There’s a very large possibility that someone we know, whose name starts with a K, got distracted and started taking photos of Sonia and Zoe by the brick walls instead of photographing the brick walls themselves.)



Although I shoot landscapes when possible, I am not very experienced in shooting urban landscapes or cityscapes. Nonetheless, I think this picture turned out well, and I liked the contrast of the state of the two buildings in the picture.


52 Project, Week 16 | Motion Portrait


While I do love shooting portraits, I generally prefer for my subjects to not be moving.  So, this was a challenge, and I got a lot of pictures of an empty diving board.  It’s hard to get the timing right!

motion shot


I started playing the piano again over the last semester by learning some easier Chopin pieces, and I have continued playing well throughout the summer. For this week, I wanted to capture the motion of my hands while playing the piano.


52 Project, Week 5 | Black and White Landscape


Oh, man.  More landscape shooting.  And black and white this time, which is even harder.

Joshua and I visited a local park we’d never been to before to take these photos.  It’s basically just woods with a few paths, so it turned out to be a pretty great place for taking pictures.

When Joshua and I went out, I was reminded again that I tend to prefer close-ups. I took some actual landscape shots, but then I found myself taking photos of moss and lichens rather than wide scenes.  Whoops.

black and white dock


Picking one of my photos to use was difficult because the sun flares made things look funky in some of them once they were black and white.

I ended up picking this one and once I pulled the highlights down, I liked how it turned out.


52 Project, Week 4 | Portrait

This assignment is pretty self-explanatory…a picture of a person!


People are one of my favorite things to photograph, so this wasn’t super hard for me (that’s how Joshua feels when we get landscape assignments).  Sonia was a willing model, and I put her in front of a window for some side-lighting.

portrait of Sonia

Next week’s assignment is a black and white landscape, so, we’re right back in challenging-for-Kristen mode again. ;)


I have pretty much never taken a picture of a person so I decided a silhouette would be an easy idea for a portrait.  Props to Lisey for modeling.