52 Project, Week 5 | Black and White Landscape


Oh, man.  More landscape shooting.  And black and white this time, which is even harder.

Joshua and I visited a local park we’d never been to before to take these photos.  It’s basically just woods with a few paths, so it turned out to be a pretty great place for taking pictures.

When Joshua and I went out, I was reminded again that I tend to prefer close-ups. I took some actual landscape shots, but then I found myself taking photos of moss and lichens rather than wide scenes.  Whoops.

black and white dock


Picking one of my photos to use was difficult because the sun flares made things look funky in some of them once they were black and white.

I ended up picking this one and once I pulled the highlights down, I liked how it turned out.


52 Project, Week 4 | Portrait

This assignment is pretty self-explanatory…a picture of a person!


People are one of my favorite things to photograph, so this wasn’t super hard for me (that’s how Joshua feels when we get landscape assignments).  Sonia was a willing model, and I put her in front of a window for some side-lighting.

portrait of Sonia

Next week’s assignment is a black and white landscape, so, we’re right back in challenging-for-Kristen mode again. ;)


I have pretty much never taken a picture of a person so I decided a silhouette would be an easy idea for a portrait.  Props to Lisey for modeling.


52 Project, Week 3 | Red

This week’s assignment was just…red.  And the rest was up to us.


The timing of this one was a bit tricky. I had to set my focus to manual and hope it was in focus while I dripped red dye into the water. I took a bunch of pictures as the dye spread through the water and this ended up being my favorite.



Joshua had the idea to make something red, whereas I was thinking more along the lines of finding an object that was red.   There’s not a lot of red to be found in the natural world at this time of year, but I did find one little red berry.



52 Project, Week 2 | Landscapes

This week’s assignment: Landscapes! With special directions not to forget the sky.


Landscapes, like last week’s selfies, are not something I typically shoot.  I like to photograph people! And food! But not landscapes.

Fortunately, we got snow, which makes winter landscapes more interesting.  This is kind of a cheater landscape, although there IS sky, so I felt like it counted.  ;)

red fence

However, I’m throwing in this more traditional landscape, even though I feel like I’ve taken this same shot eleventy billion times over the years.

snow landscape



Landscapes tend to be my forte so this week was a bit easy for me. I have a lot of great local parks in my area with a lot of birds that are just asking to be photo subjects, such as this seagull that kept circling a lake.

bird over lake



52 Project, Week One | Selfie

This year, my mom and I are doing a 52 project, inspired by the 52-week challenge at Dogwood Photography. We’re starting a little late, so we’re still on week one, even though it’s January 15th.

Better late than never.

We’ll both share our take on the current prompt/challenge, and odds are good that our interpretations are going to be pretty different, since our photography styles are kind of opposites.

This week’s assignment is a selfie, taken with the timer on the camera.

Kristen: Since I spend time most days correcting math, I thought a math-correcting selfie would be appropriate. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Selfies are, uh, not my strong suit.


Joshua: I like to spend a lot of time biking and roaming the woods, so I decided to go to a local park and snap a picture.


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