52 Project, Week 18 | Texture


Soo, I definitely think Joshua’s picture has fulfilled this assignment better.  My peaches look rather untextured in comparison!



During a photo shoot at a local park with one of my friends, I found a lot of trees with shelf fungi. Only after taking pictures of the shelf fungi did I notice the bumpy texture on the underside, as well as the ridges on the top of the fungi.


52 Project, Week 17 | Urban Landscape


Landscape weeks are always a little bit hard for me, largely because they don’t contain people.  Or food.

(People and food are my thing.)

I also don’t tend to be a wide-shooting photographer either.  Details and closeups, I love you forever.

But this is why a 52 project is good kind of stretch for me.

urban landscape

(There’s a very large possibility that someone we know, whose name starts with a K, got distracted and started taking photos of Sonia and Zoe by the brick walls instead of photographing the brick walls themselves.)



Although I shoot landscapes when possible, I am not very experienced in shooting urban landscapes or cityscapes. Nonetheless, I think this picture turned out well, and I liked the contrast of the state of the two buildings in the picture.


52 Project, Week 16 | Motion Portrait


While I do love shooting portraits, I generally prefer for my subjects to not be moving.  So, this was a challenge, and I got a lot of pictures of an empty diving board.  It’s hard to get the timing right!

motion shot


I started playing the piano again over the last semester by learning some easier Chopin pieces, and I have continued playing well throughout the summer. For this week, I wanted to capture the motion of my hands while playing the piano.


52 Project, Week 15 | Metal


Hey there, people.  It is TOTALLY my fault that Joshua and I are super far behind.  He’s had his metal picture up here in a post draft forever, and I’ve been the slacker.

Instead of waiting for an amazing idea, I decided just to take a photo of a piece of metal that I use almost every day: my little cast iron skillet.


And maybe now that I’m posting a picture, I’ll get over the no-posting hump, and we’ll be back every week!


I love taking pictures of abandoned buildings and broken down things, so when I saw the prompt for metal, I immediately wanted to post some photos I took of an abandoned building near my house.


52 Project, Week 6| Candy

This week’s assignment?  Simply candy.


Since chocolate does count as candy, and since I prefer chocolate over chewy, fruity candies, I decided to go that route.

While I do love chocolate, I feel like white chocolate should not even qualify as chocolate.  It’s so bland and vanilla-y tasting and I feel like it ruins cookies and candy that would be perfectly delicious with regular chocolate.

So, here you go.  White chocolate does not equal chocolate. ;)

white chocolate is nasty


For this assignment I immediately wanted to do a lollipop forest, so I rounded up all the lollipops we had in the house and found a toy pig to wander in my lollipop forest.