A Giant And His Counterparts

So this started as my idea to fold a lot of origami cranes (maybe 100-1000 and give them away) out of 3×3 inch paper, but then I thought, “Hey…how about I make the biggest and smallest crane I can possibly fold?”. So I decided to try it. In order below are the 3×3 inch paper cranes, a crane made out of a front page of newspaper, and a crane made out of 1×1 inch paper. I really under-estimated the size of 1×1 paper. It was quite a task to fold these, but I did it.

The big crane had a wingspan of about 2 feet, 3 inches, whereas the small crane has a wingspan of about 1/2 inch.

Anyhoo…I may post a tutorial for the crane in a blog post, so stay tuned.


  1. Susan says

    Nice pictures of the cranes – and the wee one is awesome.
    And please do post instructions when you have time – I’d love to learn how to make them for our senior center.
    Thank you for all the pictures!

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