A fortune-teller

A friend of our mom and dad’s from church came over to babysit us, and showed us how to make little chatterbox/fortune tellers. Just so you know, we don’t take these seriously. It’s just for fun. :)


  1. maria in chicago says

    We used to make these all the time!! They were so much fun. :) I think there was a chant and whenever that ended, the tab facing you was the one you opened? Hm, I don’t remember how it worked anymore.

  2. says

    I remember making those when I was a kid. I would color them pretty colors and everything. If I tried I might still be able to make one. They may come in handy when I just can’t decide what to make for dinner! :-)

  3. says

    To work it we used to first, ask a question (A yes and no type question) Then you pick a color, then the person holding it would go 1-2-3 switching it back and forth, then you have to pick a number or letter (whatever you labeled them) and that was the answer to your question.

  4. Kayla says

    We used to make those in grade school and put boys’ names inside. That, of course, is how you REALLY know who you’re going to marry when you grow up! :P

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