52 Project, Week 6| Candy

This week’s assignment?  Simply candy.


Since chocolate does count as candy, and since I prefer chocolate over chewy, fruity candies, I decided to go that route.

While I do love chocolate, I feel like white chocolate should not even qualify as chocolate.  It’s so bland and vanilla-y tasting and I feel like it ruins cookies and candy that would be perfectly delicious with regular chocolate.

So, here you go.  White chocolate does not equal chocolate. ;)

white chocolate is nasty


For this assignment I immediately wanted to do a lollipop forest, so I rounded up all the lollipops we had in the house and found a toy pig to wander in my lollipop forest.



  1. GirlFriday says

    I really love Joshua’s take on this. It’s fun and the idea to put the lollipops among the leaves ties everything together (of course it’s a lollipop forest!) Great photo!

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