52 Project, Week 4 | Portrait

This assignment is pretty self-explanatory…a picture of a person!


People are one of my favorite things to photograph, so this wasn’t super hard for me (that’s how Joshua feels when we get landscape assignments).  Sonia was a willing model, and I put her in front of a window for some side-lighting.

portrait of Sonia

Next week’s assignment is a black and white landscape, so, we’re right back in challenging-for-Kristen mode again. ;)


I have pretty much never taken a picture of a person so I decided a silhouette would be an easy idea for a portrait.  Props to Lisey for modeling.



  1. priskill says

    Both are so lovely! The lighting is so different in each one. Love the little line of white delineating Josh’s profile and the one stray blonde hair in Kristen’s. This is a neat challenge!

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