52 Project, Week 3 | Red

This week’s assignment was just…red.  And the rest was up to us.


The timing of this one was a bit tricky. I had to set my focus to manual and hope it was in focus while I dripped red dye into the water. I took a bunch of pictures as the dye spread through the water and this ended up being my favorite.



Joshua had the idea to make something red, whereas I was thinking more along the lines of finding an object that was red.   There’s not a lot of red to be found in the natural world at this time of year, but I did find one little red berry.




  1. Rebecca P says

    I really love this challenge. I think I’m going to ask my daughters if they want to do it with me. Much better than an Instagram full of selfies, for sure!

  2. priskill says

    Both so lovely! Josh’s reminds me of those paper nuggets that expand into flowers when you dropbvthem in water or some kind of exotic fish. Kristen’s was so austere — the red pops out of green and it takes a minute to see the white snow at the edges of the frame. Fun to see how each one solves the riddle.

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