52 Project, Week 2 | Landscapes

This week’s assignment: Landscapes! With special directions not to forget the sky.


Landscapes, like last week’s selfies, are not something I typically shoot.  I like to photograph people! And food! But not landscapes.

Fortunately, we got snow, which makes winter landscapes more interesting.  This is kind of a cheater landscape, although there IS sky, so I felt like it counted.  ;)

red fence

However, I’m throwing in this more traditional landscape, even though I feel like I’ve taken this same shot eleventy billion times over the years.

snow landscape



Landscapes tend to be my forte so this week was a bit easy for me. I have a lot of great local parks in my area with a lot of birds that are just asking to be photo subjects, such as this seagull that kept circling a lake.

bird over lake




  1. Debra W says

    These are both really great shots. I love the simplicity of your photograph Kristen. Joshua’s is breathtaking. Catching the beauty of the area in both pictures. Both are definitely worth framing. Mother and son have a knack for photography. :)

  2. Richard Zorniak says

    Love the snow on the green branches as a reminder of growing-up near Toronto, Ontario, in Hamilton (near Buffalo, New York). Winters there were especially snowy, it seems. Here in Vancouver BC, we get little snow (usually). I do not miss the snow. I do enjoy being reminded via photos.

    Trusting your college course(s) work-out for you.
    Richard Zorniak

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